Scent Descriptions

Backroads  Warm summer nights with the smell of thunderstorms rolling in. This strong mossy, earthy scent is sure to unleash memories of long ago childhood; cruising down back-roads, windows down and 90’s country blasting through the radio, breathing in the smell of the earth and all its wonderful treasures. 
Baked Apple  You breathe in deep as you follow the remaining mavericks out of the bottom, winding up the trail woven through the cedar trees. The scent is rich, yet smooth. It’s the smell of freedom, hard work and accomplishment. If you’ve ever wished you could bottle it up…wish no more. Light this candle and experience the distinct smell of the Texas Cedar.
Belle Starr  Belle Starr, the Bandit Queen inspires this scent. The energetic lemon scent depicts a pre-historic Bonnie and Clyde racing across the badlands evading the Marshall’s noose, while the familiar smell of creamy vanilla will keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.
Black Jack  This masculine scent is named after a famous outlaw in northeastern New Mexico.  A rugged scent.
Butt Naked  Sweet coconut milk, fresh ripened bananas and juicy pineapple swirled together to create an exotic tropical concoction. 
Cactus Flower  A lovely floral fragrance.
Calamity Jane  Equal parts daredevil and kindhearted, the smell of fresh flowers and light coconut, with a soothing musk and sandalwood base will conjure up perfectly its namesake.
Calf Slobbers  My husband spent a lot of time on his grandparents ranch growing up.  Anytime his grandmother would make anything with marshmallow or meringue on the top, his grandfather would say, "You're not gonna eat those calf slobbers are, ya?"  This scent is dedicated to his memory fashioned with the sweetness of marshmallow and the tang of merigue.
Calico Queen  This truly intoxicating fragance will have you begging for Sunday brunch every day of the week.
Cattle Baron  This business tycoon sits in his office, looking over the books with the scent of his tobacco wafting around the room mixed with hints of his leather boots and chair to keep him company.
Chaps A cherry leather combination that excites all your sense
City Slicker  This strong, confident, masculine remake of the cologne is spot on.
Comanche Moon  An earthy rain soaked scen
Country Girl  What country girl doesn't like her iced tea?  This country gal does!
Cowboy  There are boys, there are men, there are gentlemen…and then there are cowboys; a breed all their own. A cowboy is full kindness and wisdom that only hours spent in the saddle can teach. Although gentle when necessary, it is hard to find a soul tougher than a cowboy. This mesmerizingly masculine scent will bring to mind all the feelings only a cowboy can summon…those city boys just can’t compete.
Cowboy on the Beach A melding of a sunny coastal beach and the finest leather fragrance in the industry.
Cowboy Romance  The Cowboy Romance candle is sure to please, just like the charming cowboy who is your favorite dancing partner. 
Cowgirl Kisses  She’s up at dawn, hard at work until long after dark. She can stack hay, fix fence, haul water, and break colts. She’s tough when a bull is on the fight, and gentle when a baby calf needs her nurturing care. She is a ranch hand, cook, a caretaker, and a businesswoman. There’s not much a cowgirl can’t do for herself…but there are a few things she’ll <em>let</em> you do for her. And when the doin’s done, there’s hardly a better ‘thank you’ than a kiss from a cowgirl, and there’s hardly a better scent than the bright cherry chap-stick aroma of this Cowgirl Kisses candle.
Cowgirl Up  Cowgirls - tough as nails, but always a class act. Cowgirl up means it’s time to be strong, willing and able, while also being graceful, kind and respectful – just like mama taught you. This sandalwood scent cut with a bit of vanilla will summon the Cowgirl Up inside all of us
Della Rose  You know that lovely sensation you get when your handsome cowboy hands you a bouquet of fresh prairie roses, just because? With this Della Rose scent, it’s a sensation you can kindle wherever, whenever, over and over again.
Desert Oasis  Even the toughest cowgirl loves the opportunity to relax at the spa.  With hints of mint sprinkled into a eucalyptus base, it is a winner for sure.
Dusty Mexican Morning  I cannot speak for Mexico, but this definitely smells of dusty New Mexican mornings.  A musky, sweet, citrus aroma that is a favorite to many. 
Fire in the Hole  This cinammon is DYNAMITE!
Gullywasher  The cactus’ are in bloom, the dust is settled, the birds sing for joy, and luscious green grass is soon to appear. Nothing compares to the smell after a much needed spring rain…well, except for this Gullywasher candle perhaps. 
Gypsy Soul  For the gal always in search of adventure. The wanderer ~ the explorer ~ the wild child. This lavender scent paired with our classic vanilla is for all the gypsy souls.
Hazelnut Espresso  Warm, nutty, chocolately coffee.
Homestead  Spicy, sweet, and complex. Vanilla intertwines with a spice cabinet of cinnamon, clove and allspice, finished with a kiss of sugar. Hints of nutmeg and fruits peek out from the heart notes. If scents bring up memories, this scent is the memory of home. 
Island Cowgirl  In honor of spring and my deep desire to have a tan, Island Cowgirl came about.  She’s a dreamer, content in a lounge chair by the ocean with tones of coconut, cocoa bean, brown sugar and vanilla wafting from the palm trees.
Jeans on the Line  Speaking of mucky back doors, Jeans on the Line, full of denim and sunshine, will help you at least THINK the laundry is done and the floor is mopped… 
Jezebel  A fruity citrus blend
Leather  Close your eyes and image the smell when you first open that box of brand new boots.  You can have that anytime with our powerful, realistic smell of leather.  
Leather & Lace A fragrance that all Western lovers will enjoy, the manly scent of leather with a hint of vanilla. A mixture for all to love
Maverick  You cannot resist this cowboy.  From the way he looks to his shameless flirting, he knows how to capture the girls attention, BUT it is his scent that you cannot forget with the woody, masculine blend.
Midnight Rider  The doorbell rings – the moment you’ve been anticipating has arrived. Your favorite outfit is on; the makeup you rarely have time for is all in place. You open the door to see him – hat in hand, smiling. In the background is his old flatbed work pickup, a pickup that hasn’t been this clean since it was new. “Do you have your dancing boots on?” he asks as he opens the door for you. As you climb inside, you smile at the scent of leather – leather that you know makes up the tools of his every day life. As he gets inside you smell the clean scent of soap, mixed with the faint scent of the cologne he put on just for you. “Of course,” you answer, “My boots are always on!” 
Naked Cowboy  This mix of Butt Naked and leather is a crowd pleaser.
Oak Barrel Cider  A wonderful fall scent that is beloved year round.  The combination of apple cider paired with the woody oak make you dream of sweater weather. 
Old Gringo  Don’t let the name fool you, this blend of citrus and chili peppers is a crowd pleaser. 
Pearl Hart  Formly Black Raspberry Vanilla
Pina Colada  This fragrance will have you looking for your blender and tropical fruit.
Pipe Dreams  We love our version of a tobacco scent.
Red Bandana  Fresh picked strawberries mixed with leather
Richest Vanilla  Just like Mr. Adams wonderful original extract
Salt Lick  Reminds me of throwing the salt blocks out to our cows.
San Isabella  San Isabella is a mysterious lady.  With a fruity wine fragrance and a hint, you will wonder what she has been up to.
Stud  A blend of citrus, lavender, jasmine and amber.
Sweet Orange Chili Pepper  A sassy, saucy combination of Valencia Orange, Sparkling Bergamot, Tangerine Zest, Tart Cassis, Orange Juice, Neroli, Ground Pepper, Fiery Chili Pepper, and Sheer Musk. 
Texas Cedar You breathe in deep as you follow the remaining mavericks out of the bottom, winding up the trail woven through the cedar trees. The scent is rich, yet smooth. It’s the smell of freedom, hard work and accomplishment. If you’ve ever wished you could bottle it up…wish no more. Light this candle and experience the distinct smell of the Texas Cedar.
West Texas Wind  A best seller this fall.  West Texas Wind blends the beautiful cedar scent that waffs through the air in west Texas with a hint of vanilla.