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Hazards of Candle Making 101

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After doing this for a few years, it feels like this could/should have been a series.  Most of the follies have been laughable, others felt like a crime-scene, and those that felt like a crime-scene was about to occur.

The candle making factory – most areas of my HOUSE – is like the TV show Wipeout, or at least that is what the hubs says.  If you were just trying to work in it, then you would most likely be okay.  However, work and live, well, that is where the problem lies.

Some of the follies have included the dyed carpet – no worries this carpet was already on the agenda to be replace in 2032 anyway, plastic polymers spilled ALL OVER THE FLOOR, our unintentionally “waxed” floors, the occasional smelly jelly knocked off the table – my personal favorite because it proved that the hubs is not impervious to his share of follies, and the truly terrifying dying of the kitchen floor turquoise event June 24, 2017.

I, fortunately/unfortunately, do not have pictures of that day.  It all happened so fast, and I was so scared that I just jumped into action like a superhero – a comedic superhero.  The day before, I had been working on a custom order.  The order required using a very, VERY fine turquoise powder.  The powder container had been left on a part of my kitchen counter designated for scent creations.  On June 24th, I opened the cabinet above the work area to get started on lunch.  The box of hamburger helper my husband bought while I was out of town came crashing down tossing the very, Very, VERY fine turquoise powder across three quarters of my kitchen floor.  The powder was on me.  It left two crime-screen V patterns on the floor and a terrified girl.

I try to use more natural products to clean my house.  However, it was not created to tackle very, Very, VEry, VERy, VERY fine turquoise powder.  After trying all of those products and leaving a trail behind me, I dug through my old products.  I finally found something that would work.  On my hands and knees, I scrubbed.  My kitchen floor had unfortunately not seen this kind of treatment in a while.  Towards the end, the hubs walked in.  I was still on the floor cover in turquoise myself looking a bit like a hippie smurf with the biggest part of the mess was behind me.  He just said, “Do you have this covered?”  To which I confidently/angrily/joyously replied, “Yep!”

Two weeks later, I continue to get turquoise water and a turquoise mop, but it is less and less each time.

A small patch I found two weeks later.

Apparently, I am not a Disney Princess. No talking animals were a part of the cleaning process.

What I learned from this adventure is that our floors needed some TLC – not the network channel, and SCREW THE LID BACK ON THE VERY FINE TURQUOISE POWDER!!!!!!

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