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One Year with Ruffles & Rust

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This month marks one year since we catapulted into the world.  Before our first Ruffles and Rust Expo, we had one very faithful, loving store carrying our products. We had setup at few small venues.  Those setups were relatively quick, not a lot of frills; consisting mostly of card tables or tables provided by the group. No backdrops.  No furniture.  Fewer products. We are proud of the beginning, but must admit that we are incredibly grateful for where we are today.

First Ruffles & Rust Expo
First Ruffles & Rust Expo
One Year Later

We are on our second backdrop, created our own shelving system, redid some furniture, created a checkout stand and may have purchased a beautiful cabinet. 😉

We have, also, expanded our fragrances and our product line.  Candles, wax tarts and air fresheners still appear in our lineup along with our new Smelly Jellies.

It is with a grateful heart that we thank each customer, vendor, friend and family member who has been on this journey with us. Most importantly, a great big thank you to the Lord above for blessing us with this business and the opportunities to share our passion with each and every one of you. We hope you continue to follow this venture, as this is just the beginning.





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