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A One Woman Show, Unfortunately…..

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That’s right. This is a one woman show. One woman’s dream. One woman’s desire to change her circumstances. One woman dragging her friends and family kicking and screaming along behind her. The truth is that while this did start out as one woman’s dream, it has evolved into a pain in the rear passion shared by a great group of people.

Take yesterday as an example, my dear sweet friend who has been dubbed my business manager talked through decorating ideas for the new booth, marketing ideas, and just generally kept me grounded. Our visitor for the week helped label wax tarts and air fresheners. She even tried her hand at making Smelly Jelly. She is a pro now and is definitely hired. Too bad, I think she is choosing her full time, lucrative career over being my Smelly Jelly and labeler extraordinaire. By the way, come to visit and you will get put to work the opportunity to see firsthand what this company is all about. Then, there was my husband who worked on the new booth. Later, he came into a home cooked meal which, quite honestly, was a bribe to get him to later label products. This is just one day.

Thank you to all of those on this journey with me. All I can say is surely you will be rewarded in Heaven!


  1. I love your “one woman” company…I have one too….my husband, child and any friend I can sucker into volunteering all belong to my “one woman” company as well…heres to being a girl boss!!!

    April 10, 2016

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