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One Year with Ruffles & Rust

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This month marks one year since we catapulted into the world. ¬†Before our first Ruffles and Rust Expo, we had one very faithful, loving store…

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Living the Life

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There have been weeks and weeks of cRaZiNeSs. ¬†Between working forty jobs, picking massive amounts of blackberries, and creating Rustic Enigma products, it has been…

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If You Don’t Have Smart Friends, Get Them.

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Seriously. Get smart friends. Smart friends change everything. Smart friends help. Smart friends encourage growth. Smart friends offer great ideas. Smart friends want you to…

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You Never Know

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A few weeks ago, my day was planned. Had been planned for a while. However, midmorning I received a phone call that reset my plans.…

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Newfangled Display

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This post could have been titled Labor of Love. Or there were times you might have read an article in the newspaper documenting this same…

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New Mexico Land that I Love

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In New Mexico – which is part of the United States, – we LOVE chilies. We don’t just like them. We don’t tolerate them. We…

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A One Woman Show, Unfortunately…..

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Shop Online That’s right. This is a one woman show. One woman’s dream. One woman’s desire to change her circumstances. One woman dragging her friends…

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Shop Online Is your organization interested in having a fundraiser? I have a few different options for you. We can have a candle party. I…

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Did Somebody Say Party?

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Shop Online With Christmas and the new year behind us, you may be sad. You may feel like it means that you have no reason…

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A Great New Year!!!

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Last year was such a fun experience with the candle endeavor. I met wonderful people, rekindled some old friendships, had great fun creating our products,…

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